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Originally Posted by Evang.Benincasa View Post
Your marriage isn't recognized by the state as solemnized.

Common law isn't recognized in Ohio. Also if your Quaker, or House Churcher isn't licensed by Ohio your marriage is null and void. Grow up.
None of our elders are licensed:
E. This fellowship reserves the right to function as a religious network of Christian believers without government intervention and regulation. Since we receive our authority from God and not from man, we will not seek to be recognized by any body of civil government as an officially incorporated institution. Elders are not to be licensed by any state or government body.
F. Elders serving in Christian ministry within this fellowship are to disengage civil marriage from Christian marriage in the performance of pastoral duties. Elders are to refuse to serve as agents of the state in marriage. Elders are to decline from signing government provided marriage licenses and/or certificates. Elders are to ask that couples seek civil marriage separately from any church-related vows, promises, commitments, and/or blessings.
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