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Re: Attack On Iran Imminent?

Originally Posted by n david View Post
Russians are claiming US Destroyers have entered the Persian Gulf.

From the Twitter:

"""To add to the earlier report, The 3 Destroyers as reported by russian media that just entered the Gulf. UNCONFIRMED. But so is everything else. That's TWO MK-41 VLS LAUNCHERS (96 cells EA) x 3 Destroyers. 300 TOMAHAWKS in under 3 minutes. I don't think @POTUS is [redacted] around"""

"""IF REPORT IS ACCURATE, then they are DESRON-2. USS Bainbridge DDG-96, USS Mason DDG-87 & USS Nitze DDG-84. They can lay waste to the entire Iranian navy."""

Speculation is the attack will be around 9 days from now, due to the moon phases. Will be darkest at that time.

Disappointed if true. Still waiting for Trump to bring the troops home from the ME. Seems no matter the person or Party, every recent WH occupant becomes thirsty for blood and war eventually, even if they were against war before becoming POTUS.
Why are we looking to start another war?

Afghanistan for 14 years?

I don't think this is working out for us.

Just sayin
"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past. " ~ George Orwell
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