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Re: Inspiration from the Garden!

Originally Posted by shazeep View Post
ok, and the trees are gone, right? or at least not hanging over your garden area? and can anyone tell me why i don't come up in 'new posts?' ty
Someone messed with the "new post" button a while back, and now once you read a post (or even post on it), it disappears from your new post view, and leaves only the ones you haven't read. Strange I know... I kinda liked it the way it was before!

Back to the topic: We took out the trees that were blocking the sunlight, so we have full sun on the entire garden. The sun moves across the garden east to west, and the rows go east to west. Pine trees make up the huge part of the forest on the place, with a few fir. No deciduous trees at all.

I spread some dolamite lime over the garden area yesterday. I've heard that helps neutralize the acid from the pine trees.
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