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Re: Divorce and remarriage

Originally Posted by peter83 View Post
We speak for a Christian who divorces and then married again. (the same could apple to the past life, but let ie be simple).
Repentance is "feel sorry for your sins and then dont do them anymore" right?
Ιf i live to house that is not mine, repent means i give back the house.
If my sin is fornication then i must dont live anymore in fornication!
If i am a stiller then i will not live anymore as a stiller.
If i am in adultery.., i have to leave the adultery !
(if i rpent for fornication and then i continue sleeping with that woman, is that repentance? Evey time i sleep with her, i just commit what i confessed as a sin!
Is simplest like that?
Wait ... with that mentality if you have a child out of wedlock and you repent that means you do what with the child??
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