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Re: Pre trib rapture teaching is heresy

Originally Posted by jediwill83 View Post
dude...Ive never heard or thought of it like that.
Options for the Man of Sin:

1. Jews rebuild a temple. Global political and/or religious leader performs miraculous signs, enters the temple, and announces to the world via CNN or Twitter that he is the Supreme Being all humans have been worshipping. The world loves it and throws a parade.

Problem: A rebuilt Jewish temple could not be "the temple OF GOD." The NT teaches that the church is the temple of God.

Problem: He would have nowhere to "sit" unless he brought in a chair?

Problem: The vast majority of earth's population would NEVER submit to some world dictator ruling from a JEWISH temple. No Muslim would. No Eastern Orthodox would. Most Roman Catholics would reject him. These alone cover over 2/3rds of the world population. Only hokey dispensationalists and some hyper Orthodox Jews would believe it, and the dispensationalists would all be wondering where the rapture went. Half of Jewry opposes any attempt to rebuild a Temple anyway. Its just not workable.

2. The pope.

Problem: The pope rules the RCC (in name only, he's not actually in charge of anything, that would be the cardinals and Old Roman nobility). The RCC is not the temple of God.

3. Unknown Jew in the 60s AD.

Problem: Huh?

4. Clericalism itself.

Problem: None, it fits ALL data points about "the man of sin".

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