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Re: Logos Doctrine And The UPC

As for people "losing debates"? Pure poppycock. Who decides who won or lost a debate? JWs eating apostolics alive? He must not have ever met any. My kids trounce them on our doorstep, the JWs literally run away with confused looks and are unable to answer questions. I've had ELDERS and PIONEERS in my living room and blew them away with SIMPLE BASIC ONENESS.

As for trinitarians? Doublethinking one = 3 is not subject to correction by argument, it requires revelation. Either God shows you who Jesus is, or He doesn't. I didn't become Oneness by being debated into it, it was a solid revelation. Which is why I am immune to the arguments of idolaters, whether trinitarians, twoness, or pushers of a begotten Logos.
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