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Re: Hunting Season

My cousin and his son have spent the last 10 days in Canada hunting moose and bear. John (the son) is 12. He's already bagged his moose (and maybe 2, but we're not clear on that yet since the cell phone service from there is so poor.

One thing we do know is that the guide who took them out hunting the day that John got the moose was shocked! He said to Dean (the dad), "Wow! You should have told me that boy is an excellent hunter! I would have taken him to a spot where it would have been a whole lot more challenge for him." LOL!!

We don't know yet if he got a bear or not. But frankly, we were just talking about it an hour ago and we all hope he did NOT get a bear because nobody is really fond of bear meat. Moose is good. Bear - not so much.

This kid got his first deer at age 7, so he's been hunting with his dad and uncles for quite a while now. He loves it
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