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Re: Toward an apostolic Systematic Theology

Originally Posted by Aquila View Post
I have a systematic theology that I have embraced as a result of my studies. Here it is... I call it the Apostolic Order of Redemption:
1. Election (God's choice of people to be saved in accordance to foreknowledge)

2. Propitiation (Christ's satisfying the Law and God's wrath against the sins of the Elect)

3. Atonement (Christ's work of covering the sins of the Elect)

4. The Gospel call (Receiving the message of the gospel through Prevenient Grace)

5. Conversion (faith, repentance, repentance, water baptism, Spirit baptism)

6. Justification (right legal standing)

7. Regeneration (being born again/one spirit with the Lord)

8. Adoption (membership in God's family)

9. Sanctification (growing in Christlikeness)

10. Perseverance (remaining under the blood as a Christian)

11. Death (going to be with the Lord)

12. Glorification (receiving a resurrection body in sinless perfection)
The above is essentially how I approach salvation through a systematic approach. In my system of theology there are also many sub categories. For example under point 4 (The Gospel Call) I emphasize that there is both an "outer calling" (the preached Word) and an "inner calling" (the drawing of the Holy Ghost). Both must be taking place for a believer to be born again. Sometimes men hear the outer calling of the Gospel and want to respond with their natural mind without the inner calling of the Spirit. These are those who "repent", and might even be baptized, but never receive the Holy Ghost or receive the Holy Ghost much later. God isn't drawing them at that time. They can only come to the Son as the Father leads them. Other sub topics can be found throughout. This was just an example.

I hope it helps.
I love this presentation of Apostolic Systematic Soteriology.
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