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Re: Mid-Term Election Nov 6th

Originally Posted by n david View Post
During my lunch break today, I turned on MSNBC because I saw this tweet regarding Beto:

MSNBC tweeted: "Beto O'Rourke's campaign has transcended politics to become something of a political-cultural phenomenon."

To which Cam Edwards responded: "“Transcended politics” = “He’s gonna lose”."

Anyway, I caught a bit of a segment about Beto during my lunch and sure enough, MSNBC is already laying the groundwork for Beto losing. It was Ali Velshi hosting and asking her guest what loss could be viewed as something good for Beto and Democrats. Is it good if he only loses by 4-5% pts? Basically the whole segment I watched was that they believe he's going to lose, in spite of his "rock star" rally events and the record amount of money he's raised the past quarter.

I hope Cruz trounces Beto. Hope it's not even close. I read this article in the NY Times, where they claim there's a growing surge of white, evangelical women who are voting for Beto and the Democrats this year, instead of the GOP. This, allegedly, due to Kavanaugh and other MeToo related issues.

I don't believe it.
They are trying to gaslight us like they did with Abortion Barbie, aka, Wendy Davis. Now, they want to turn Beto into another John F. Kennedy. That isn't going to happen as he is a Socialist. But, hey, he can ride a skateboard. Turns on the dumb, college youth, I guess.
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