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Re: Mid-Term Election Nov 6th

Originally Posted by n david View Post
Read this morning that Trump is going to TX to campaign for Cruz. The campaign rented a venue that seats 18K, and over 77K have requested tickets.


I had thought about taking my oldest daughter to the rally here last night. But I knew people would be lined up early and she has school, I have work...

At noon, the line was a mile long. Doors didn't open until 4pm. Fortunately it was only 85 or so. There were photos I saw of thousands left standing outside watching on jumbotrons.
Trump needs to come to Florida to campaign for GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron Desantis who is tied with a Marxist radical that wants to end parental choice on education, drastically raise corporate taxes, make Florida a sanctuary state and implement a state income tax. How this clown is doing so good in the polls is beyond reason.
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