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Re: quick praise report

Originally Posted by diakonos View Post

I cancelled a car rental reservation the day of. That came with a $150 fee. I would be returned anything paid over $150. I contacted corporate and was given a full refund.

I had a free eye exam on Nov 20. My glasses cost over $300. It was a buy one get one free. I was told that the glasses would be ready the next morning. They were not. I went back in on Monday Nov 22. I was told they would be ready. They were not. I requested a refund.

On Wednesday on my way up to Houston I received a voicemail stating that my glasses were ready. I went for them on Monday Dec 2nd. The clerk handed them to me. I told him that I received a refund on them. He got his manager.

I explained the situation to the manager. He said that I could pay if I wanted to, or I could take them for free because the issue was on their end.

So, I got two pairs of free glasses.

You know what God wants you to have... when he gives it to you!!!

God is good, Iím glad he wants you to have sight.
"Watch and Pray That you Enter not into Temptation"
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