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Re: One Minute After a Believer Dies

Originally Posted by n david View Post
Saw this posted on FB. Discuss.
You ought to ask TJJJ if he would explain to you his revelation about Luke 16 with the rich man and Lazarus, very powerful!

I do agree with Amanah peoples understanding is going to be hinged on what there eschatology defines. When you read this stuff, all the writings in the Holy Bible come from revelation. There is a Pastor from Tennessee that told me his former Pastor used to tell him to read the Bible like a book. You cant do that, you read it like a book you’ll miss the mark (not the mark of the “beast”, please). Old Testament, New Testament, its all pure revelation. Look at Revelation under the title in my bible it says “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” a few verses into the book, he proclaims

Revelation 1:10 KJVS
[10] I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet,

The spiritual understand the words of this book, if your not spiritual then its all physical, carnal, and fleshy.
"Watch and Pray That you Enter not into Temptation"
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