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Re: Heirloom organic non-GMO seeds vs Hybrid

Originally Posted by ILG View Post
I bought heirloom seeds a couple years ago. My experience with The Ark Institute (where I bought the seeds) was that it was too expensive for what I got (in comparison to your company), they were packaged terribly, the seeds fall out in the corners of the non-sealable brown paper packets they came in, (maybe they changed that by now), they don't tell you how much you are getting (just a lot), and the seeds did not grow well. I will not be buying from them again.

I have also learned more about what specific seeds are GMO so some seeds I will buy cheaply at the store and just buy non-GMO corn, zucchini, summer squash etc.
That is sad that you had such terrible luck with that particular company. I have no idea how these seeds will do, but they certainly came packaged very nicely in the mylar bags, with instructions on each package on when and how to plant. I know that heirloom seeds do not produce as well as the hybrid ones, so, I will be watching closely to see what my yields are with these seeds. We have had such a cold winter here, that I doubt I'll be able to plant until the end of May. The ground is still frozen here, although most of the snow has melted.
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