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Re: The only terrorists I fear are Zionists

Originally Posted by Zog Has-fallen View Post
Would a dissident SDA reply to a recent bitchute video with the following remarks?

"I gave you a thumbs up and subscribed to your channel because I strongly agree with your understanding that OT law was primarily a prophecy of the coming Redeemer. However, being a former Seventh-day Adventist, I must point out that you've misrepresented SDA eschatology. The issue was never about prohibiting worshiping God on Sunday. The endtime crisis for SDAs is their fear that Sabbath-keepers will be ostracized and condemned when a Church-State alliance will be exalting Sunday sacredness, which will lead to their persecution. I don't fear what they fear. I agree that Ellen White's prediction sounds ridiculous. A far more likely scenario, according to irreversible trends that are unfolding now, is a Church-State alliance that will persecute Christ-loving opponents of Zionism."

Why are you fearing what Christ has already said would happen and what He has already overcome and also tells you "fear not" because He already overcame it?

We are going to be persecuted thats true...He stated a whole list of things that would happen but at the end He says ,"Fear not for I have overcome the world"
So its either disobedience due to your fear and creating a doctrine trying to avoid what Christ said would happen OR you don't believe He has indeed overcome.
Blessed are the merciful for they SHALL obtain mercy.
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