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Re: The only terrorists I fear are Zionists

Originally Posted by Zog Has-fallen View Post
Would a dissident SDA reply to a recent bitchute video with the following remarks?

"I gave you a thumbs up and subscribed to your channel because I strongly agree with your understanding that OT law was primarily a prophecy of the coming Redeemer. However, being a former Seventh-day Adventist, I must point out that you've misrepresented SDA eschatology. The issue was never about prohibiting worshiping God on Sunday. The endtime crisis for SDAs is their fear that Sabbath-keepers will be ostracized and condemned when a Church-State alliance will be exalting Sunday sacredness, which will lead to their persecution. I don't fear what they fear. I agree that Ellen White's prediction sounds ridiculous. A far more likely scenario, according to irreversible trends that are unfolding now, is a Church-State alliance that will persecute Christ-loving opponents of Zionism."
Your writings seemed to focus on calling the SDA organisation to reform its teachings and ways. I guess then you have left the org and no longer support its general, overall mission?

Hey, did you know the SDA church has a lot of Masonic imagery, especially surrounding EGW and her associates?
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