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Re: God is God Lyrics

Originally Posted by KIM View Post
Here is the words.
He`s god when the lighting flashes,he`s god when the thunder rolls,he`s god up in heaven,he`s god down in my soul.
well i know god is god,and god don`t ever change,
i know god is god and he will always be god.

He`s god in the pulpit,he`s god at the back door,
he`s god in the amen corner,he`s god all over the floor.
Repeat chorus

he`s god all over the ocean,he`s god all over the sea,
he`s god all over creation,he`s god all over me.
Repeat chours

he`s god in the father,he`s god in the son,
he`s god in the holy ghost,he`s god all three in one.
Repeat chorus

he`s god in the firey furnace, he`s god in the lions den,
he`s god in the holy spirit, he`s god in the heart of men.
Repeat chrous
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