Thread: Voter Fraud?
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Re: Voter Fraud?

Arizona Republican Party
Thank you to the Maricopa Board of Supervisors for finally agreeing to #AuditTheVote after a three-month-long, hard-fought battle for transparency! Congratulations to @kelliwardaz @FannKfann @FarnsworthEddie @votewarren, and others, who continue the fight for #ElectionIntegrity.
12:16 PM · Jan 20, 2021

Notice who is going to perform the audit. Auditor approved the the US Election Assistance Commission. Soooo, what the Board is not saying is that they want to select who performs the audit of their ballots because they can then prevent the things they don’t want reported through this auditor selection process.

“The county sued, claiming the Legislature lacked authority to examine ballots. But on Wednesday, the county dropped its opposition, acknowledging the Legislature’s authority. Fann said the county has agreed to turn over all requested materials, provided the auditor is certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and that only authorized parties will have access to the data.”

That way the media can keep up the charade of Q is at fault!!
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