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Re: Serpent seed doctrine & Evolution theory.

Originally Posted by cyber_truth View Post
Seems that Adam and Eve were pure humans direct created by God and Abel was their fruit of thier humanity after their image, but only Cain was not a pure human because he had the breeding of the serpent. Prior to the fall of Eve and before the curse the serpent was an ape form or more than just the highest level of an intelligent ape because serpent was a very perfect animal created by God almost liken to human, proof that the serpent was liken to human because he had an ability to talk with Eve and standing like a man before he crawled.

The serpent beguiled(sexually tempted) Eve, and their fruit of their actions was Cain the firsborn(the fruit of the first sex).

Now, after all the generations of Adam and Eve there were already an inter-marriage between pure humans and the bloodlines of the serpent(an ape-form), so all of us have the bloodlines of the serpent(Evolution calls it an ape origin) that needs to be cut-off by the precious blood of Jesus.
I'm certainly glad to see that you've included the word "theory" in your title of this thread, for that is precisely what it is, a "theory," although certainly ranking among the most absurd and ridiculous I've ever read!
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