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Re: If You Planted a Garden What Did You Plant?

Originally Posted by KeptByTheWord View Post
I want to try the potato barrels. Saw the seed potatoes at Ace Hardware today. RW, can you tell me approximately how many seed potatoes you need for one barrel? They are selling them by the pound.
Originally Posted by Roagiesgal View Post
This is what I have learned, pick your seed potatoes with good eyes, then cut them in half, third or quarter depending on how big they are(its good to have two or three eyes per piece)...dip the cut edge of the potato in ashes from your fireplace and plant them about a foot apart. They like soft soil sandy soil, with good drainage...
We're still experimenting but have 5 plants per barrel. Normally that would be too close together but it is supposed to work with proper harvesting while keeping the plants intact to keep producing. Taking the potatoes as they develop also has the advantage of keeping the soil tilled.
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