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Any Jesus Name Apostolic prepper familys out there

We are wanting to meet other Jesus Name apostolic family's who like remote living, or off grid living.
We raise our own, beef, pork, and can. Really simple life, and enjoy doing fun things as a family.
Milk cow, homemade cheese and hunting.
Would like help on solar and wind projects, or ideas.
Most people only feel safe in crowded citys with street lights, we prefer moon light and stars.
No light bill, Off grid
No water bill, solar well
Live in low over head state, land taxes are only 40 bucks per year.
Raise our own food.
Built our own house.
So all our money goes to toys, fun and Jesus. Not mortgages and credit card payments.
Only thing, no jones here to impress, just deer and elk and the mountains under the stars.
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