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Re: Any Jesus Name Apostolic prepper familys out t

Yes, I agree. I believe that every Christian should be looking forward to simplifying their life, instead of following the rat-race that is the standard of the world. It is more important to teach children, common sense as well as the love of God, than it is for them to be popular at school.
And if possible, Home School is the best.

Common sense, would include how to take care of themselves in an emergency. There will be so many people, that will not have a clue as to what to do, except to prey on those that do.

When I say, look forward, they may find the work harder, but working with the family they may find it to be the most enjoyable kind of life. But for those that have never lived this kind of life, they may need someone to guide them.

Originally Posted by KeptByTheWord View Post
It is our family's desire to live as much off the land as possible. We are currently working towards this goal as much as we can. We have looked into off-grid options in the past. There are many that we know who live in our area that live off grid. It is a hard life though! It is not for the faint of heart! There are many others who are semi off-grid, with backup systems with generators, solar systems etc, who have chickens, goats, large gardens, greenhouses, windmills and other natural resources to boost their independence.

It is our desire to live life simply, and enjoy the natural beauty God has supplied in the area we live in, and spend our time loving God and one another.

I think you hit a lot of great points that many people need to consider who are city dwellers.
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