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Re: Tongues- A sign or THE sign Of Spirit Infillin

Originally Posted by Hoovie View Post
Just reading the opening of the thread...

Interesting questions and discussion. Iíll share my thoughts a bit later... But, I would like to ask a few questions as well... (sorry James Glen!)

1. Are there some reading here that believe only Oneness Pentecostals are (or have ever been for that matter) in the body of Christ?

2. Do you believe there are those who, though not in the body of Christ, are given Eternal Life by any other means. (For this question, letís exclude the Old Testament contingency and infants/children etc.. Thanks!)
My answers:

1. No. I believe the body of Christ includes other Christians, including those who would never identify as Oneness Pentecostal.

2. I think no. I understand Jesus Christ to be the The Way.
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I am a firm believer in the Old Paths

Articles on such subjects as "The New Birth," will be accepted, whether they teach that the new birth takes place before baptism in water and Spirit, or that the new birth consists of baptism of water and Spirit. - THE PENTECOSTAL HERALD Dec. 1945

"It is doubtful if any Trinitarian Pentecostals have ever professed to believe in three gods, and Oneness Pentecostals should not claim that they do." - Daniel Segraves
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