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Re: Tongues- A sign or THE sign Of Spirit Infillin

Originally Posted by JamesGlen View Post
Nobody argues that Cornelius was unsaved before his encounter w Peter preaching Christ to him in Acts 10. Cornelius thought the good news was only for the Jews, then he found out it was for the gentiles as well. The argument lies in if receiving the Spirit evidenced by tongues was part of his salvation....part of his spiritual rebirth to which without it he was not born again nor saved.
I’m not arguing for or against...just sayin.

How and in what ways do u feel Cornelius was different on his “fruit” after he was Spirit filled evidenced w tongues?
I am not sure this matters...

There are Christians that are less conscientious than Cornelius was prior to becoming a Christian. That’s not commendable, but true nevertheless.

Cornelius was lacking in that he had NOT heard and fully accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ. When he heard and accepted he was no longer lacking.
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