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Re: Tongues- A sign or THE sign Of Spirit Infillin

Originally Posted by Hoovie View Post
So some people speak in tongues from God, and some speak in tongues from the devil... (I will concede this certainly may be the case)

I would just add that perhaps the majority of tongue speaking is neither.
Just watch the top 25 tongue speaking videos on You Tube. In my opinion, invoking God or the Devil gives too much credibility to many of those instances.

Additionally, there are many who will confess they have indeed SIT and felt it was them forming and speaking rather than God speaking through them.

So speaking in tongues may indeed be a sign, but it is subject to scrutiny and is to be judged by the hearers. It is, in fact, an unreliable measure of Holy Spirit infilling, and is not evidence that the speaker is being moved or influenced by God.
Flesh speaks gibberish and some call it tongues. I agree with everything in your post up until the last post. Tongues was evidence to the Apostles.
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