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Re: Tongues- A sign or THE sign Of Spirit Infillin

Originally Posted by consapente89 View Post
Flesh speaks gibberish and some call it tongues. I agree with everything in your post up until the last post. Tongues was evidence to the Apostles.
Indeed for the Disciples, in two places it was a part of the accumulative evidence to onlookers that conversion had occurred and the Holy Spirit was now indwelling with these new people.

The acceptance of the gospel, confession, calling on the Lord Jesus, praising and magnifying God, prophesying, are also part of the accumulative “evidence” that true conversion has occurred and cannot be dismissed as insignificant or less miraculous than speaking in tongues. Sure these things can be “faked” just as tongues can also, though I would venture to say they are faked with no less ease or with more regularity than speaking in tongues.

IMO Tongues are very often something less than miraculous, even specific, easily replicated phrases and syllables becoming entirely learned behavior by individuals and entire church assemblies.
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