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Re: Tongues- A sign or THE sign Of Spirit Infillin

Originally Posted by Hoovie View Post
So some people speak in tongues from God, and some speak in tongues from the devil... (I will concede this certainly may be the case)

I would just add that perhaps the majority of tongue speaking is neither.
Just watch the top 25 tongue speaking videos on You Tube. In my opinion, invoking God or the Devil gives too much credibility to many of those instances.

Additionally, there are many who will confess they have indeed SIT and felt it was them forming and speaking rather than God speaking through them.

So speaking in tongues may indeed be a sign, but it is subject to scrutiny and is to be judged by the hearers. It is, in fact, an unreliable measure of Holy Spirit infilling, and is not evidence that the speaker is being moved or influenced by God.
Do you believe the Bible in the context of your world view, or believe the Bible as it is written? i noticed you brought up Pentecostal Herald from 1945. Why would or should we care about some groups feelings on tongues? Are we Catholics and is that a decision from the Vatican? Or are we Chabadniks, and that is the thought of the Rebbe? Hoovie, you been posting since FCF? Right? Anyway, you know that not everyone who call themselves Pentecostals or Apostolics give a flying donut for whatever the "Merger Brethren" Harry Morse, or Azusa Street thought about Biblical Pentecostalism? Weren't you a Mennonite? Menno Simons, Conrad Grebel, and Huldrych Zwingli, do you accept everything they believe? Probably didn't even as a modern Mennonite. Yet, the same is true for all religions. All religions constantly reexamine, change. Some for the better, some for the worst, and some cease to exist.
Yet, the Bible isn't like trying to decipher linear A. It is pretty easy to understand, once you take it out of the hands of people pleasers, glad handing politicians, and ecclesiastical business men. The Spirit goes where it needs to as it decides, and you hear its voice in everyone who is born of that Spirit. Easy, stuff, a loose translation, but it still stays true to the original.
Uncle Thibodaux, and Cousin Bitty Joe didn't speak in tongues? They were sweeter than Old Meemaw's ice tea, the one that the spoon stood straight up in? Uncle and Cousin prayed, fasted, shed tears in the altar, snot bubbles in the prayer room, but didn't speak in tongues. We don't have to build a theology based on what never happened to loved ones. We don't have to wrest the scripture in an effort to get people in places they will never end up.

We just need to accept what Jesus said, and what Paul taught, and Paul spoke in tongues all the time. Anyway, Pentecostal organizations change with the culture around them. So, why should anyone care what they agree upon or disagree on?
"Don't Kill The Messenger" ~Sophocles
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