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Re: Tongues- A sign or THE sign Of Spirit Infillin

Originally Posted by Hoovie View Post
Aside from a few personal swipes I think you said it quite well. I am not sectarian and understand the body of Christ as a dynamic organism - far exceeding any denominations we are familiar with.

I do reserve the right to agree or disagree with anyone, as I see fit.
I donít get the swipe comment. Nothing personal outside of my mentioning your Mennonite origins. Yet I do believe this is the rub. It is all perception. A personal ecclesiastical nicer than Jesus robed in saffron. Where everyone goes to heaven because they are nice. Flawed mankind appt to continue to sin, but as long as they are nice, heaven can be their home. No tongues as evidence is the start. No tongues are sought. No longer even an issue. We (Pentecostals) just devole into good Baptists. Agree to disagree? Why? Jesus didnít take that path. Paul didnít take the path of agree to disagree. Paul was a Pharisee. Did he agree to disagree with his old school of thought? Never. The initial evidence has been dropped by Pentecostal Orgs like the assembly of gods. Infilling of the Holy Ghost is how you came into Pentecost, correct?
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