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Re: 4 of Satanís biggest lies to born-again believ

Satan and his demons have always been hard at work
deceiving as many humans as possible ...
to get them to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with them,
because they know that's where they're going to end up!

That's how jealous they are of us, and how much they hate us!

Probably, the 2nd major deception was when
Satan (or one of his high-ranking angels)
appeared to Mohammed, saying he was Gabriel.
He lied about (a non-existent god called) Allah,
saying Allah sent him with the latest "truth" from heaven.

Then, poor deceived Mohammed had the Qur'an written,
resulting in many more millions of humans being deceived.

When people are spiritually deceived, they can believe all kinds of nonsense.

Take this Qur'an for instance (I've read 2 different translations of it).
In some places it says to leave the Jews and Christians alone,
while in other places it calls them infidels
and says to kill them where ever you find them!

Then, of course, we have Satan (or one of his high-ranking angels)
appearing to Joseph Smith, calling himself the angel Moroni,
resulting in the Book of Mormon being written.

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