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Re: DKB Shares His Vision: Apostolic Identity,

Originally Posted by RevDWW View Post
No need for you to fear DAII!!!! That mean ole UPCI wouldn't rub off on you......

By the way I do agree that not matter how holy one might consider their standards if they ain't exhibiting love one for another they're as wrong as two boys kissing!

Jesus went so far as to teach that we're not to just love our neighbor bt we are to love our enemy.
I agree .... DWW .... I think you get the exposure DKB says is sorely missing when love is at the center ... but when the strategy is maintaining a "look" and making it salvific and separatist ... the strategy will remain ineffective.

What's the benefit of monopolizing the Message and Experience when admittedly there is NO EXPOSURE after 60 plus years?

If one believes your paradigm is the restoration of the 1st century Apostolic church then WHAT IS GOING ON?

The first century church and the generations that followed were filled with power and proclaimed the Gospel message with boldness ... but most importantly turned the world as we know it UPSIDE DOWN and were very much front and center ... changing their world as we know it with the Gospel of Jesus Christ ... conquering it with love.

One has to wonder what the problem is if the present model of MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN, MAINTAIN ... has led to our world admittedly to NOT KNOWING YOU.

1st century APOSTOLIC IDENTITY was evident, known, and exposed .... to the world.

Would appear the gates of hell are prevailing ... as long as the focus is a "remnant" outlook.

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