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Re: What's Cooking for Thanksgiving?

We are planning to have about 20 adults at our house for Thanksgiving. We have family and friends and invite several who do not have family to celebrate the holiday with. I am doing the meats and desserts. Others are bringing the veggies.
I will be cooking a turkey, ham and tenderloin with the gravy. I also do the cornbread dressing at my husband's request and a green salad. For dessert I am making: Rum cake, Chocolate cake, left over Italian Cream Cheese cake, and a sugar free Chocolate /strawberry triffle. Others are bringing: string beans, mac and cheese, mustard greens, squash casserole, congealed salad, sweet potato casserole. I always panic a couple of days before the holiday and cook up a couple of extra casseroles just to make sure we have enough.
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