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Re: Was it God's will for Israel to have a king?

God was Israel's king. As he told Samuel they had not rejected him (Samuel) but God as their king.

Two things we should get out of that statement, one God is king and always has been and will be, but we can reject him, but this does not change him from being king. Two, too many times those that God has put as spokes person between himself and the people, take to much on themselves as leaders and take it personally if the people don't take to heart what they say.

Finally since the people chose to have a earthly king, God gave them one born of the linage of the earthly king to be their spiritual king again from heaven. We again have a heavenly king but we know his name is Jesus. We can speak his name as in the OT they did not even utter his name. They went before the throne of God once a year, in the OT, now we can go before the throne of God boldly.
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