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Re: What Does It Take?

Originally Posted by votivesoul View Post
I agree that one on one time is highly important. I just had a brother confess to me how easy it is for him to go to another person for help and counsel, rather than go vertical and seek help and counsel from on high.

But I know many people make the effort to do just this, and feel like they don't get anywhere with God.

And so, for me, scheduling the time is the first step, but some other things must be included.

1.) Forsaking all others. Like a marriage, God has to be the only recipient of our worship and adoration. God just doesn't seem interested in getting intimate with someone who is divided in their loyalties.

2.) Learning how to properly respond to the urging of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is compared to a dove, and I have seen It flit away at a moment's notice, especially in a church service, but also in a private setting, when the response God was looking for wasn't quickly given. It takes time to learn how to yield to God, but it really is a romance, in the purest sense. It's like learning to make love, spiritually speaking.
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