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Re: Fly Fishing/Fly Tying

Originally Posted by Ronnie G View Post
I am into traditional fly fishing as well as Tenkara. Tie all the time. Even more now just for my own sanity.

Mike Mercer lives here, and we fish together.
I live on the East Coast. Eastern Brook trout are native in our mountains, and that is my preferred species. Not the biggest fish but beautiful and easy to catch if you are stealthy. I really like the seclusion that comes with finding them too...generally a good hike from the main trail. It's usually a good bit different than western fly fishing the streams are small streams with lots of cover. I seldom trout fish with anything higher than a 3 wt. I've spent many a night in the backcountry chasing brookies.

I also do some muskie fishing with a 9 or 10 wt rod. Decent flies are hard to find for them, so most of mine have either been tied by myself or a friend. Large reverse buck tails with the Blaine Chocklett's "game changer" design. Most of my muskie flies are 10 inches or longer.

I went through a period of time where I did nothing but fly fish. Even for warm water species, got rid of almost all of my conventional tackle. Lately, I am not the purist I thought to be then. Fishing has dropped significantly on my priority list in the last couple years, so when I go, I try to make it count, and I generally make do with what I have.
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