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Re: PO's Best Christmas Present EVER!!!!!

Originally Posted by rgcraig View Post

And - look.....they have a chandelier!!!! Whoot!

I like how they tied the three pictures together with that scrolling!
It looks prettier in the store. I do love the chandelier, but it wouldn't work in my house. Somehow, and my husband doesn't know why, but they built the sub-floor and then put the walls up. Or I might mean they put in the sub-floor and then the oak flooring, building the walls on that. I can't remember what he said. That takes 1/2 foot of my ceiling away, so I don't get the 8 feet. Kind of strange, but being that it's so hot here, the ceiling tiles and the insulation in the attic, sure do keep our electric bills down. For nine rooms, we only pay a maximum of $175 for the hottest month. So, I'm not complaining. It's hotter than Hades in South Texas! LOL!
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