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Re: Honest Abe was not so honest??

Originally Posted by crakjak View Post

First I am not a Democrat. I was a Republican my whole life. Until I went to Afghanistan. Then I saw with my own eyes that we are not trying to win that war.

We go around the world under the guise of our national interest or helping people. The truth is the minute we stop going to war our economy tanks and Boeing and a bunch of other companies go out of business. After I realized this I became a person who decided to think for my self and not believe the nonsense they push over the media channels.

I am not demonizing President Lincoln. All I am saying is that like many politicians he thought big government had the solution to our problems. In my opinion he had other options that he decided against. One thing I will say about President Lincoln is that we have made him into a god. Nobody is allowed to criticize anything he did. No man is above reproach.
I understand the heart of your posts, and I hate war with a passion. But we are in a very complicated world, everyone has an agenda in government and out.
I don't look at Lincoln as a god, nor did I accuse of being a Democrat, but I have read the history of Lincoln extensively and I believe he was a flawed human that did what he believed was the best path at the time.
I believe the earth has the resources for every need of humanity, however this world and all of us are flawed. It is our responsibility to run our course in this world and to learn, but it God's world, and His purpose will prevail. I don't understand why this world is so "evil" but I believe it will ultimately serve God's purpose.
For it is written, "As I live, says the Lord every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall give praise to God. (Romans 14:11- NASB)
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