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Re: The Timing of Corneliusí Baptism of the Holy G

Brother, that’s definitely an interesting point.
If I understand correctly, you are saying that you are justified the moment you believe, however you are also saying that repentance is necessary for justification, correct? Or are you justified the moment you believe even if you haven't repented yet? Could you please clarify this point in the context of the verses you are posting?

You are also saying that if you are justified but you don’t show obedience to the faith afterward you can “lose” your justification? Or that if you don’t obey you didn’t have the kind of faith that justify to begin with?

Also, you are saying that being justified equals to being saved, or that it is part of being saved?

Whenever I ask questions I may not have a specific point, I’m just testing you propositions and see how you explain them or build better ones. If you propositions are solid then your reasoning can be valid if your logic is correct.

I can explain the argument you present about the flaw of the OP traditional view of being filled with the Spirit and you sins not forgiven yet” part, and hopefully I do it well, but first I would like to hear the answer to the previous questions.
Thank you.

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