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Re: Marriage Privatization:

Originally Posted by n david View Post
I believe you're missing a very important piece. God's design is not for us to jump in the sack with someone and call it good. This post and a previous one like it makes it appear as though all one needs to do in the eyes of God is to have sex, and Voila! They're a couple.

But that isn't right. That's fornication.

It's fine if you don't want to get the marriage license and you want to stick it to Uncle Sam, but there must be a covenant they enter into before consummating the marriage.
I agree.

There has to be a covenant. A sacred commitment. Those who enter a private marriage covenant don't just sleep together and call it done. They consolidate their lives, establish a home. They also do well if they get the necessary powers of attorney to grant authority over one another's health care and finances. The goal is to maintain as much personal control over the relationship as possible, without involving government and the courts. It is impossible to completely avoid legalities in our society and have nearly the same legal rights as other couples married under government authority.

I admit, a civil marriage is less complicated. It is also common, so no explanation is necessary. Also, churches are more likely to recognize it as valid.

If one wishes to truly live a simple life, with the least government interference, perhaps they should consider being single. There are immense blessings in singleness. A quiet home, complete control over one's time and obligations, complete control over times of personal worship and devotions, deeper friendships, more time to serve the church and minister, total control over one's own finances, privacy, deeper intimacy in prayer is more easily accomplished, sin can often be dealt with swiftly without interference, questions, or effecting others, chores are far lighter, and a good Christian witness can be established. Sure, there might be times of loneliness, sexual frustration, and a slight stigma that cause others who do not understand to think you're odd, leaving them wondering if anything is wrong with you, or causing them to occasionally try to play match maker, but if viewed objectively, these are minor problems.

Ultimately, I believe individuals should be free to live according to their convictions.
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