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Originally Posted by Scott Pitta View Post
Great question. Not sure of the answer.

The view from here: in our society, there is no stigmatism against ministers or anyone else who are divorced.

If there is failure due to the other qualifications, such as in handling money or being inhospitable, do such failures disqualify a person from ministry ?

Not quarrelsome. Would we all be disqualified due to our history of posts ????

If we look the other way with some qualifications, we should also look the other way when it comes to being faithful to our wife.

I do not recall a pastor being disqualified for being quarrelsome. Yet according to Paul, it is an offense that would disqualify a person from being a deacon.

Interesting post.
All good points. Considering things done in the military and things done after backsliding and becoming angry with God, God knows that I'd be disqualified well before even considering my divorce.

I'd like to know the oldest surviving tradition regarding this text.

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