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Old 02-14-2012, 09:40 AM
bbyrd009 bbyrd009 is offline

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Spit it out redux

This was considered mis-posted in "Debate," and I don't see it anywhere else? If this got re-posted somewhere already, please let me know, ty.

I’ve heard the phrase forever… and so have you. You know, “eat the chicken; spit out the bones” but there’s something sketchy about it.
I know that people are trying to say ‘you can find the good in anything’ or ‘yeah there might be some stuff in there that’s bad but it’s mostly good so that’s fine.’

I never used to worry about it but lately, particularly as it pertains to the prophetic movement or just teaching in general, eating the chicken and spitting out the bones just doesn’t cut it anymore. Why? Because it’s the meat that’s tainted, pilgrim, not the bones! There’s nothing really wrong with the bones actually – it’s the meat. Oh you might choke on an occasional bone, but the meat is what you’re digesting into your system.

I think the cliché is a lazy man’s way of avoiding thinking altogether. You listen to a preacher go off on his favorite topic and you don’t even really think about what he is saying, or how he misquotes or misuses scripture (it was probably just that once anyway). Danger, danger, danger!
Think about what you are taking into your system. Think about who is speaking into your life. Think about whether you really trust them to lead you into all truth.

Some teachers are teaching that you can live a conflict-free Christian life. That is hogwash Biblically yet millions are buying in. Guess what: We are meant to have conflict here; it shapes us and conforms us into his image. Jesus had conflict. Paul had conflict; Peter had conflict; John – well all the disciples really. David, Moses, Gideon, Abraham, conflicts and problems. In addition church history proves it out as well. Conflict, sufferings, struggles, harsh circumstances, pressures.

Even Adam back in the Garden of Eden under PERFECT conditions had a struggle — with loneliness, an empty place inside, frustration that there was no one to meet his needs. And so God answers with Eve, right? No. Not right away anyway. God sees the need that it is not good for man to be alone, then he gets him to name the animals. That was not an afternoon job with a chai tea latte in your hand. This took time as God made Adam wait and intensified the problem at the same time.

Conflict, struggle etc brings out the best in us, and the worse – that’s why we are to consider it all joy when we go through them. It produces something in us – hope via character, and perseverance.

Or take the prosperity Gospel for example where you are taught that if you follow God’s way (usually through the particular teacher’s way as well) wealth is sure to come your way. There’s only one problem with the prosperity Gospel – it’s called THE BIBLE! So why do you sit and listen to it all and think you are discerning enough to really ‘spit out the bones’ from your spirit that soaks it up like a sponge? Turn away from these false teachers; turn the tv off, turn off the CD – just do it.

“But,” you doth protest… “he tells some really good stories — really good jokes so I’m just going to eat the chicken and spit out the bones.”
What about the long term good of your soul? Be discerning.
I read a story about a father that was trying to persuade his teenage kids to turn away from some of the things they were indulging in. Their argument was always ‘it’s not that much, really.”

So he made muffins for them for breakfast, wonderful tasty muffins, except that he added an unusual ingredient… dog poo. But not that much really.
When he told the kids they were shocked and grossed out, and refused to touch them.
“But why not?” the Father said, “there’s really not much poo in them! Just a bit!”

They got the picture.
So, word of advice: stop eating the poisoned meat altogether. A little bit of yeast leavens the whole dough.

Any comments?
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Old 02-14-2012, 09:43 AM
bbyrd009 bbyrd009 is offline

Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Colorado
Posts: 6,178
Re: Spit it out redux

I see a lot of people trying to avoid "hell," scared of "hell;" scared as hell, more like, and I think this goes to the heart of it. Avoiding conflict is not the answer, this is not avoiding hell. Amen, D.
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