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Old 05-28-2008, 04:26 PM
Dr. Vaughn

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Florence Nightingales healing

During the month of January, 1950, Brother Branham and Brother F.F. Bosworth were conducting meetings in Houston, Texas. On the same evening that the photograph was taken of Brother Branham, which registered the halo above his head, Brother Bosworth showed Brother Branham a lady's picture. It had accompanied a letter and airplane ticket from Florence Nightingale of Durban, South Africa, a distant relative of the Florence Nightingale who founded the Red Cross. She was a mere skeleton and reminded then of Georgie Carter, a young lady from Milltown, Indiana, who was in a similar condition before she received her healing.

...This Florence Nightingale of Durban suffered from cancer at the entrance of the stomach which causes one to die of starvation. She weighed only about fifty pounds. She had been fed through the veins on glucose until that was no longer possible. Hearing of Brother Branham, she cried for him to come and pray for her. Thus she wrote for him to come, sending along her picture and plane ticket.

That night in Houston they prayed for Florence Nightingale, promising God that if he would heal her and make her completely well, they would take it as an indication for God that they should go to South Africa.

Eight weeks later the Branham party landed in England on their way to Finland. The King of England had sent a cable requesting Brother Branham to come and pray for him. When the Branham party stepped off the plane, William Branham's name was called over the loud speaker. Florence Nightingale had arrived at the airport just fifteen minutes before and those with her had put out this call for Brother Branham to come quickly because they thought she was dying. The place was so crowded that they were informed to get in touch with him at the Picadilly Hotel. This was done and arrangements were made for him to come to her hotel.

It was one of those foggy days in April when they motored to the hotel where she was staying. No one in the party had ever seen a human being in such a pitiful condition as the woman in that room. She was so thin that the skin stuck to her bones. Their hearts were moved with compassion. Florence Nightingale could hardly speak as tears ran down her cheeks for she was suffering with such pain.

They all, including a minister of the Church of England as well as her nurses, knelt and began to pray for her. As they started to pray a dove came and sat on the window sill, looking inside as it started to coo. After prayer, when Brother Branham said, "Amen", the dove flew away. The minister started to speak saying, "Did you see that dove?" Before he finished the question the Spirit Of the Lord moved upon Brother Branham to speak these words- "Thus saith the Lord, you will live, sister."

Eight months after Brother Branham had prayed for Florence Nightingale in England he received another picture from her. At this time she was a perfect picture of health and weighed 155 pounds..."
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Old 07-13-2008, 10:30 PM

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Re: Florence Nightingales healing

Thanks for sharing !
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Old 07-15-2008, 08:16 PM

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Re: Florence Nightingales healing

Nice artical ! Thanks for sharing !
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Old 10-18-2012, 03:59 AM
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Re: Florence Nightingales healing

Out of the book LEGEND OF THE FALL, by Peter M. Duyzer

The Healing of Florence Nightingale Shirlaw

The healing occurred during WMB’s sight-seeing trip in London.

WMB was met at a London Airport on Good Friday, April 7, 1950, by Rev. Francis. Arrangements were evidently made for the Sunday following, or Easter Sunday, April 9, 1950, for the WMB party to meet with Miss Shirlaw. Francis relates, “Brother Branham and myself visited Miss Florence Nightingale Shirlaw at her mother’s home at 11, Clarendon Road, London W II…We were only four persons in the room that Sunday afternoon, Miss Shirlaw, her mother, Brother Branham and myself, and you [Gordon Lindsay] will probably recall that we were probably there for over an hour. When the atmosphere seemed to be charged with the presence and power of God, Brother Branham took Miss Shirlaw’s hand, and offered a very short prayer, after which he requested her to eat. That is all that happened in that room…Miss Shirlaw’s recovery took a few weeks, I was in constant touch with her during this period.”

Gwilam Francis wrote the above account (Published in TVH in 1954) because there were discrepancies in Julius Stadsklev’s book, William Branham, A Prophet Visits South Africa, regarding what happened in London. Stadsklev was not in the party, so he only related what someone had told him. Stadsklev called Miss Shirlaw, Florence Nightingale, as did WMB. This identifies WMB as the source for Stadsklev’s 1952 account. This whole story was a rather large, after the fact, embellishment by WMB. The basic facts, according to Rev. Francis, were that Miss Florence Nightingale Shirlaw resided in London with her mother. Francis did not make mention of her coming by plane from Durban, South Africa. WMB alluded to her being “in the field,” which could possibly mean she was a missionary. However, WMB also mentioned Wm. Upshaw being in the field, so it might just be an expression he used. Nothing was said by Rev. Francis about the famed Florence Nightingale being her grandmother. Francis stated that the discrepancies, “[D]o not in any way affect the miraculous healing of our sister, Miss Shirlaw.” Either Miss Shirlaw, or Rev. Francis, found out that WMB would be at the London airport and Rev. Francis paged WMB. WMB made arrangements with Francis to meet with Miss Shirlaw on the coming Sunday at her mother’s home in London.

Due to space and time restraints, the following is only a partial recount of WMB’s story regarding Miss “Nightingale.” WMB stated he received a request on, or about, Jan. 22, 1950, from a Miss Florence Nightingale. WMB said it included a skeleton picture of her and she asked him to come and pray for her. She supposedly even sent him airplane tickets to fly to Durban, ZA. WMB said she weighed anywhere from 27 pounds; 30 Lbs; 30 or 40 Lbs; less than 35 lbs; 35 lbs; 37 Lbs;40 lbs; less than 60 Lbs; 60 Lbs; 64 Lbs;45pounds. If anything, the latter numbers of 60 or so Lbs are probably still too low to be realistic.WMB just prayed for her, he said.Nothing else was done, even though she apparently begged for help. The reader must understand that there is no record of WMB mentioning a Miss Florence Nightingale [Shirlaw] in his messages until April 13, 1951; one whole year after her alleged request. WMB and his party landed and he was “paged” by a minister [G. Francis- PMD] asking me to come and pray for Miss Florence Nightingale. How she knew that he was there, he didn’t know, he said. WMB told him he would come and pray for her in a couple of days, because he wanted to go sight-seeing first. Sightseeing he did, even though Rev. Francis told WMB she was dying and might not last that long. Lindsay never mentioned WMB praying for her. WMB said they were picked up by the minister on Sunday, to visit Miss Nightingale at the minister’s house, by his church. Many welcomed them, he said.
Including two nurses and several ministers and four of his managers. This contradicts what Francis stated regarding that Sunday, “Brother Branham and myself visited Miss Florence Nightingale Shirlaw at her mother’s home …We were only four persons in the room that Sunday afternoon.”WMB, in direct contradiction to Rev. Francis’ account of only four people being in the room, said there were thirteen, a doctor, two nurses, two or three ministers, the [4] campaign managers and himself, were in the room. G. Francis and Miss Shirlaw were there too. WMB even had Ern Baxter turn his head at the sight of Miss Shirlaw and calls on him as a witness to what he said.In contradiction to Rev. Francis,’ WMB prayed the Lord’s Prayer, and his favorite bird, a white dove, showed up. The windows were open and it was a foggy day, was that realistic for a dying person? When the dove flew onto the window sill, it hopped around and flew away, WMB said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll live and not die." WMB affirmed this with the nearest thing to an oath, “My Bible is open before me. And our heavenly Father is near to listen to what I have to say.” Eight months after the event, WMB received a photo of a recovered Miss Shirlaw. And that is where the story started to gather momentum, or rather, embellishment.

To what extent is William Branham’s Case of the healing of Miss Shirlaw supported by Scripture and by reality? Apart from the contradictory accounts, there is no evidence of any miraculous healing. WMB never touched or laid hands on her. After he prayed the Lord’s Prayer, Florence did not immediately rise up. It would appear that a natural healing process took place, which took awhile.

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Old 10-18-2012, 04:35 AM
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Re: Florence Nightingales healing

Such reports were common in the TVH days. The names of those who functioned in that era are many. There were claims of miraculous healings in the ministry of many of those who arose after WW2 entering the tent ministry for a season.

The claims of WMB, as with others, have been carefully examined and checked. It seems one must take the word of the evangelist or their supporters as proof.

William Branham has a cult following that revere his name as much as that of Jesus, some even more no doubt. It [the cult] like the radical Islamic dupes have been taken captive by the enemy of men's souls.

Whatever William Branham's fate might be is for God to determine but there is grounds for rejecting more than one of his doctrinal teachings and certainly more than one of his "thus saith the Lord," utterances. Other predictions never came to pass before he passed over in 1965.

As for healings, Schambach recounts a great visible healing [so he said] in the ministry of AA Allen. Others too were active in that field. Undoubtedly there were genuine healings of sorts in the ministry of many of that era's men. Healings are reported among American Indians, eastern religions, etc.
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Old 10-18-2012, 09:37 AM
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Re: Florence Nightingales healing

Jesus is the healer, not William Brantham, or anyone else involved in a healing ministry. That is where people get off the track, when the glory, praise, and honor shifts from the Almighty God who is the Healer, and shifts to a man.

My mother-in-law at age 14 was diagnosed with leukemia. She was dying for in those days, they didn't have the treatments for cancer that we do today. Her parents didn't attend a church, and all she had was her faith. She says she prayed to the Lord one day in desperation, not really even having a relationship with God at that time. The Lord answered her prayer, and from that day on, she was well. She is now over 70 years old, and cancer has never returned. Who healed her? Some preacher who prayed? Herself, because she prayed? No... the Jesus, the great Jehovah did.

We can be thankful that a vessel is used, such as a great minister, but ultimately, the praise and glory belongs to Jesus for any miraculous interventions in our lives.
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