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Branhamism Discussion of distinctive doctrines of William M. Branham.

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Old 07-05-2012, 11:07 AM
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Re: Any darkside of Charles Parham and Wiliam Bran

Originally Posted by Sam View Post
In my opinion, Charles Parham and William Branham were men of God whom God used. God does not use perfect people because He doesn't have any perfect people to use. They both have "fulfilled their course" so let's let them rest in peace.

Whether we like it or not, they are part of our Apostolic/Pentecostal heritage.
They are indeed part of the Pentecostal heritage. And yes, they have fulfilled their course. They are beyond debate at this time. Yet, there is a residual fall out that does not resonate as with other followings. Whether William was sincere or merely grossly deceived about issues, he did initiate a cult that has deceived multitiudes of persons. We might say, "we cannot lay this to his charge" as our explanation but I am not sure that is entirely true. The body of his teaching was decidedly one that pointed to himself if only obliquely at times but with the understanding ["if you're spiritual, you'll catch something"] he was indeed referencing himself.

We cannot determine destinies, it is impossible in this context, but we can and should determine correct Biblical Doctrine. Much of what Branham said in the latter phases of his ministry had no Biblical support. We had to take his word for it as the "vindicated prophet." That did [and does] work for many. It relieves them of the pain of thinking and praying and studying. If a "pope" has the answers, what need to study for oneself?

But, as you have written, they [he] has fulfilled his course and the words are engraved in stone as it were. Let the reader beware.


Even so, come soon Lord Jesus
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