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Old 08-11-2017, 06:26 PM
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Saved by Grace

A twin brother of the Roman Road doctrine, is the popular “grace-only” creed. This one is largely based on the following scriptures:

Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to
the election of grace. And if by grace, then it is no more of works:
otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then is it no
more grace: otherwise work is no more work.

Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with
Christ, (by grace ye are saved).

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves:
it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.

The grace-only doctrine teaches that there’s nothing I can or should do for my salvation. And I do mean nothing. Those who adhere to this…and, again, there are millions…have a very intense works-phobia. It’s like a get-out-of-jail-free card, but you aren’t allowed to reach out and accept it. That would be a work. Someone will have to put it in your top pocket for you. Grace plus nothing. The success of this doctrine rests again, in the smog of apathy, and bible ignorance.
The same no-brainer solutions of the Roman Road, apply here as well. In addition, if we would simply look at the bible definition of only two words, this doctrine falls like a house of cards.
The first word is “grace”. Many have defined the grace of God as: “the unmerited favor of God”, or something similar. This of course is true, but a little vague. What follows is an expanded definition of the grace of God:
You and I, and every human on this planet can say that God; for no good reason found in me, made a way to redeem me from the clutches of sin, and it’s penalty of death, long before I was ever born. More than that, the whole alfa and omega of life itself…all 7,000 years…the complete 7 days…were known of Him before let there be light. One of God’s core attributes is His holiness…pure holiness. It follows then, that pure holiness gives rise to righteous judgment, among other things. And in this righteous judgment, God assigned the death penalty to sin, so heinous a crime it was. Not just big sins, and little sins…but to the law of sin itself. Death to that infection flowing in your veins. Any dark spot that marred His pure, holy nature, must die. Now God loved what He had made…nay, but so loved. And what He so loved had fallen into irreversible corruption and filth. He Himself had pronounced the judgment of death for so falling. Compromising that righteous judgment…even for great love…wasn’t an option. That would be tantamount to changing His own nature. Yet, while the penalty must stand, His great love for the man He created, could not be quenched. He would find a way to keep His holy judgment intact, and yet rescue the man He so loved. He must spare man from the very death penalty He Himself had issued. His solution? He would pay man’s penalty Himself. We had nothing to do with it. Nothing good in man motivated Him. Instead, the origin of His solution came from the deepest wells of love…for God so loved the world…pure, holy love. His solution must be corporate in nature…reaching back to all men in the past…and reaching me 2,000 years in the future. In this sense, the grace of God is time-specific…a finished, historical event. But even more; He looked past billions and billions of souls, past and present, and found my face in the crowd. He molested my soul, and caused the good news of this paid debt to cross my path. He made the salvation of my soul…and reconciliation with Him…available to me. The whole plan was God-conceived, God-initiated, God-motivated, God-accomplished, and finally, God-sent to me. This is the gift of the grace of God.
I can think of no Christian denomination that denies the grace of God. All 1,000 + of them recognize, that salvation’s availability to one and all, rests in the grace revealed 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem. That is where and when, God’s free gift became a reality.
The question today is, how does a man appropriate this free gift to himself? How does the universal display of God’s grace at Calvary, save my soul 2,000 years later? According to the grace-only camp, I can and should do nothing. To do anything at all would constitute works, and then God would owe me this grace because I earned it.
This brings us to defining the second of our two words: works. Exactly what are these works which cannot save me? At what point do I violate the grace of God? The grace-only camp presume everything a work; except for a conscience acceptance of Calvary. Just accept it by faith, and presto!…you’re saved. Even repentance is shunned as possibly trying to earn your salvation. No matter that Jesus Himself taught: I tell you, nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. To them, even repentance constitutes a work, and that violates the free gift of grace. There you go, trying to earn your salvation again.
On the other hand, some will concede that repentance is okay. Even though it’s a quasi-work, they allow it as part of the grace-only salvation experience. Instead of just believing on the Lord to be saved, they group repentance in as a part of that believing. So it’s still grace-only…but you do need to repent. Still others are kind of torn between these two camps. Repentance still annoys them as a possible work, and thus a violation of grace. So they’ve added a new wrinkle to grace only. You’re gonna love this one. They separate being “saved”, and being “born again” into two completely different experiences. To be “saved” is a grace-only accepting of the Lord as your personal savior. Then; once we’re over the “works” hump, and saved by grace-only, we can add repentance…or anything for that matter…into the “born again” experience. And you thought algebra was complicated.
Here’s the thing. Even a kindergarten-understanding of the bible shows, that in every single case, the “works” Paul speaks of, are the works of the Mosaic law. …for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified. The apostle started his ministry consumed with a burden. He wanted to show the Jewish nation, that the righteousness of God had now been revealed. Yes, for 2,000 years, righteousness came by keeping the works of the Mosaic law. Millions of gallons of animal blood had been spilled to that end. But now, Messiah had come. Prophecy had been fulfilled. The dispensation had now changed. During the law, building an ark of gopher wood could not save you, as it had Noah. In the same manner; sacrificing a lamb, or observing a high holy day, or any other works of the law, could not save you in this new dispensation of grace. Now, Israel’s righteousness could only come by hearing, believing, and obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because obeying the gospel is not a work which earns you salvation. By obeying the gospel message, you’ve done nothing to cancel or violate the grace of God. You haven’t influenced God’s decision, to send His only begotten son to the horror of Calvary. You haven’t manipulated God’s Spirit into picking your face from the crowd, and allowing the gospel to cross your path. You haven’t coaxed Jesus down from heaven, or played any part in raising Him from the dead. By obeying the gospel, you haven’t added one iota to the grace of God. You have fulfilled the whole purpose of the grace of God, and appropriated His wonderful gift to yourself personally.
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Old 08-11-2017, 06:35 PM
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Re: Saved by Grace

Very good!

There are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube by "Christians" claiming that if you think you need to turn from sin, you're a heretic, a legalist, and a pawn of Satan.

According to them, Satan wants us to stop sinning, but God wants us to forget about all that, just say "the prayer" and be done with it.

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Old 08-11-2017, 11:13 PM
phareztamar phareztamar is offline
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Re: Saved by Grace

Originally Posted by Esaias View Post
Very good!

There are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube by "Christians" claiming that if you think you need to turn from sin, you're a heretic, a legalist, and a pawn of Satan.

According to them, Satan wants us to stop sinning, but God wants us to forget about all that, just say "the prayer" and be done with it.

Thank you for your response. I agree...it is sad. The entire state of modern "Christianity" is sad, and grieves me in my spirit.
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Old 08-12-2017, 11:03 AM
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Re: Saved by Grace

Originally Posted by phareztamar View Post
Thank you for your response. I agree...it is sad. The entire state of modern "Christianity" is sad, and grieves me in my spirit.
This is just the beginning of the end for Churchanity in this country. We haven't seen anything yet, before this country morphs to another level. Christianity will Frankenstien into something every liberal will love. Doctrine will be reduced into something less than stale bread and stagnate water. Churchanity will continue encourage man to do what is right in his own eyes.
ALL pastors are hindrances and one should never have a pastor they will only abuse you and you will get hurt. Instead get your instructions from forum gurus that have never built a church.~Steve Epley.
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