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Marriage Matters For discussion of Marital issues

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Old 10-25-2016, 10:13 AM
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Covenant marriage website.



Go here on tithing----->


If it is God's will for your illness then why are you seeking medical attention to get rid of it?
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Old 10-28-2016, 03:35 AM
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Re: Covenant marriage website.

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Originally Posted by Hannibal Flavius View Post
Those first Jewish believers in Jesus and all those Gentile converts who suddenly stopped worshipping other Gods, they started becoming one with Jews as the two sticks were put together, two men were taken, and one man was actually made from two separate people. One man symbolizes Ephraim in the outer man of flesh, and the inner man of spirit is named Judah. There are 3 divisions of priests because you think from 3 different places as there are 24 ribs in 3 sections, 12 on each side, 12 given to Judah and 12 given to Ephraim, the man you are and the reason it is said,'' There is therefore no difference in gentile and Jew,'' BECAUSE Jesus betrothed gentiles under Ephraim's promise, those ten tribes made a willing choice to become gentiles in the first place.

There is therefore no difference in Jew and Gentile BECAUSE two are one and the same, both are present.
BECAUSE YOU are a Jew/ The hidden man,quiet spirit, the hidden man of the heart spoken of.
BECAUSE YOU are a Gentile of Ephraim a man of flesh and desires.

A slave and yet a free man, a female and a male, flesh and spirit.

BECAUSE YOU are a slave to Christ in this body of Death, BUT YOU are also the free man within aren't you? And this is the quiet, gentle loving man of the spirit that you are and project.

BECAUSE there is now therefore no more difference in Jew and Gentile, there is no slave or free man, and there is therefore no more male and female,'' BEHOLD, YE ARE BOTH.''

I love saying that behold stuff, always makes me giggle.

Slave/Free man
Rich man/Lazarus
12 Ribs/12 Ribs

The prodigal son/the son who stayed home

The kingdom of Ephraim/The kingdom of Judah

Beware lest you be double minded and God comes to find you as two men in a bed who,'' O'' YES, he is the great bible scholar but dang sure aint no submissive virgin to the will of her betrothed, and the Lord shall slay him in half dividing him flesh and spirit from the quiet gentile hidden man of the heart Because he found a marriage of two men instead of a man and a woman. You have to become a submissive virgin to choose a new husband, and from then on, there shall be 5 in a body and you shall hate your father.

You are two, but if God comes and finds you as two women at the wheel, he will slay you in half dividing your waters and the foundations of your heart, mind, and soul will be open for all to see like a girl with her skirt pulled over her head.

Best that when God comes, he should find a mature submissive virgin who serves the spirit of her bridegroom so that the spirit does not serve the flesh, the flesh will serve the spirit and she being a virgin will give birth to a full grown man as God has created a new thing, a new birth.

If you are as two women at the wheel, then you have neither studied or done anything at all to tempt THE LOVER To even come to you lol.


I make this point because Jesus came and made a NEW MARRIAGE of Ephraim and Judah and the two became one, even so that you are as Ephraim by flesh and Judah in spirit IF YOU HAVE CONVERTED TO THE RELIGION OF GOD ONLY. ONLY as Ephraim who comes repenting saying exactly what God says that he has to say, ONLY as one who has done exactly what God says that the returning Ephraim MUST DO.

Christians are reading the New Testament about a brotherhood and marriage which took place in the days of Jesus as Jesus came to be the 7th husband provided, and even if you don't think he is the 7th, Daniel certainly says that another will come and make a NEW COVENANT AFTER JESUS.

Almost 2000 years ago the gentiles fled Judah and the covenant, they chose a new city, they chose another worship system and began disrespecting even the commandments of God replacing his appointed days of his marriage covenant, REJECTING the very thing that gave the Holy spirit and let you ask anything in the name of the father.

The servant has now been cut in half when the gentiles willingly decided for good reason to leave the Jews and the ways of God behind or it was death. And that covenant Jesus made, that marriage God gave a spirit to is no longer valid.

The marriage has been annulled, the servant has clearly been cut in half, and one of the sons is surely missing and presumed dead.{Christian Gentiles no longer one with Jews or God's ways}

Who could have possibly carried the Holy spirit from hand to hand down through generation after generation of gentiles who believed the 7 feasts of Jesus to be vile things not worth keeping and then adopting the ways of other Gods that don't have a Pentecost in which to receive the Holy spirit?


people only believe they have the spirit of Shavuot but don't?

Jesus told us that the servant would be cut in half

covenant would be broken, the marriage annulled, and the brotherhood broken in two.[/b]

I believe millions are out there and just waiting to step inside your skin to teach you things, that's what spirits wont to do. Problem is, they think they know everything lol.

It just isn't the particular individual person given to people at the first Shavuot.

''The comforter will never leave you.''

That was just the first spring rain that was to come and designed to go away as the second rain of the fall is promised to come on mankind, both the spring rain and the fall rain together is promised to fall on men again.

What the disciples received is NOTHING COMPARED to what is going to fall again.

Just imagine a disciple about to receive the promised rain of Pentecost and he is preparing for the day and he runs into a Samaritan.

The disciple says,'' come with me, God has promised a gift.''

But the Samaritan wont go, and yet, he later believes in Jesus and receives the rain and heals a thousand people.

everyone will know them.


Anyone who has a seed of Tabernacles but will not come up to Tabernacles shall have no rain upon his seed that his seed may die and bear fruit
...until they, do. ya. eternally.

at the same time, you are completely right, of course.
both things are happening, simultaneously.
only we each think we are the wheat, and others the tares lol
when we are the tares, and others the wheat
but, both things are happening simultaneously.
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Old 10-30-2016, 07:21 AM
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Re: Covenant marriage website.

that is just a snippet of that post, too!
he talks about covenant marriage a lot.
do you get...any of that?
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