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Old 07-17-2013, 09:19 PM
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More Mexico news

I am sad to report that the "dog and pony show" mentality of much of the American church has drifted south of the border. Allot of this is due IMO to the easy access Mexicans now have to the Latino versions of Benny Hinn on satellite TV. The "God has a wonderful plan for your life" evangelism method is now the norm here. In churches here that once were known for their preaching on repentance and conviction, nothing is now said on those subjects. "Repeat a prayer and be saved" has taken their place. Nobody wants to evangelize anymore, but there are plenty of volunteers for the dance team ministry. It all makes me want to weep. But did not Jesus weep over Jerusalem? Please pray for the Mexican church. I am astonished at how much the landscape has changed since my last visit two years ago, and I am very concerned.

BTW these are Oneness apostolic churches I'm referring to.

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Old 07-27-2013, 08:43 AM
John L. Jesus John L. Jesus is offline
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Re: More Mexico news

this is the "spirit" of the Laodicean church age now starting to work in the mexican church, introduced to them from the church(es) in the north american church. Like a pregnant mother passes along the toxicity in her system, to the unborn child in her womb

THIS is why it has been God's pre-determined plan to destroy all the false-gods of false-propserity of the "western" (american) society. Just as He had to SHUT the DOOR on the Ark to KEEP His "covenant" people (Noah & his family) inside, & remove the temptation to go out again.

For Him to destroy america & all the world's economic systems is to aid & help His people to get IN, & REMAIN IN Christ (the Ark) while the world (sin's temptations) around them is being destroyed. The same as any good father or mother would destroy anything & everything which threatens the overall well-being, peace & safety of their beloved children.
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