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Old 12-28-2010, 07:39 PM
kerrywichteric kerrywichteric is offline
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Talking Open Wide Thy Mouth

The time is short. We have to step up, take the bull by the horns and speak to people we come in contact with each and every day. It is easy to spread your wings while in church or at fellowships. So why is it sooo hard to open the mouth when out and about in the world?

Every day you pass by people who are headed for hell, and yet you say nothing. Don't you care? Or are you afraid to speak to them about heaven, hell, and righteousness? Or worse yet, are you ashamed of the gospel?

Take a survey of yourself; when was the last time you spoke to a stranger, or anyone about the Lord? When was the last time YOU witnessed to someone, anyone?

From the pulpit to the back pew, we all must witness daily for the time is short. For some of us it is shorter than what we may think. Isn't it wise to be doing the kingdom business daily? Isn't it faithfulness to be about the Father's business? Will He find you daily faithfully witnessing to the lost (outside of the church building)?

The Holy Ghost makes you a witness, you do have what it takes to talk to lost sinners every day. You are called to be His witness! You have the Holy Ghost, the fire burning inside of you is yearning to spill out of you to others.

Get up. Get out and experience the beautiful feeling that comes from doing the very thing that is the heart of the reason of why you are here. Witnessing! Witnessing, c'mon man, c'mon woman, open wide thy mouth and be the vessel that Jesus will use to reach the one He died and rose again for. Yes, it is those persons YOU daily come in contact with.

Kerry Wichterich
REPENT (the LOST must UNDERSTAND the reason they must repent) AND BE BAPTIZED EVERY ONE OF YOU (EVERY LOST person must HEAR the gospel, every saint must witness) IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST (there is NO OTHER NAME, no other choice, no other option) FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS (the LOST must KNOW what sins they have committed) AND YE SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY GHOST (the LOST too will become a WITNESS and not be ashamed to run and tell what Jesus has done)
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Old 05-23-2013, 07:46 PM
ground000's Avatar
ground000 ground000 is offline
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Location: Newcastle, Australia
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Re: Open Wide Thy Mouth

Amen. This reminds me of a really old radio song:

Who is gonna take the shield of faith out into the ghettos
Bb C F
and witness to the street gangs by the night?
F Bb F#m
Who is gonna be the bold ones to tell the pimps and prostitutes
That the affection that they crave is found in Christ?
F Bb
Who will take the breastplate of righteousness
F#m C F C
into this country's school and preach holiness to every boy and girl
Bb C Bb C
Well it's you and it's me who will witness for the Saviour
Bb C (single strum) F G# m Dm Bb F C (barre all chords here)
And be the light of Jesus to the world

Tell me who will walk strong And gird their loins with truth
Bb C F C
And stand to say abortion is a sin?
F Bb F#m
Who will confront the politician and say up in heaven
God won't let liars in
F Bb F#m
Who will take the helmut of salvation into Wall Street
And teach wealth is more than cars, diamonds and pearls
Bb C Bb C Bb C F
It is you and it is me who will take the cross of calvary and be the light of Jesus to the world

Dm F Bb F
We are the world's example our government won't teach us how to pray
G# Bb F#m
Tell me when was the last time you witnessed to your neighbor
Bb C F C
and told them that Jesus is the way?
F Bb F#m
They are dying at the TAB, they think gambling is an answer
C Bb F
In Hollywood they are lost in lust for fame
F Bb F#m
The homosexuals in our city at trapped in vile bondage
Bb C F C
And in our towns drugs still play hellish games
F Am Bb F#m
Someone has to walk this Gospel of peace throughout our nation
C Bb F
Our television game shows won't clear out our jails
Bb F#m
We have the answer for the world today
C Bb C
Will someone please show them Jesus is the way
Bb C Bb C
Because it's you and it's me who will bear the Light of Jesus
Bb C
We are called to be his disciples
Bb C Bb C F
We are to be the light of Jesus,
We are to be the light of Jesus,
We are to be the light of Jesus,
We are to be the light of Jesus,
We are to be the light of Jesus, to the world to the world
AHA - We will not be silent.
My Countdown Counting down to: 18th Birthday - when it all sinks in
Aaaaaagh! Reality is setting in!
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Old 04-20-2014, 11:27 PM
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lovelylife lovelylife is offline
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Re: Open Wide Thy Mouth

This is truth!!
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