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Old 03-01-2009, 06:26 PM
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Unity Statement

At AFF our intention is to recognize and allow all viewpoints that exist within the "Apostolic" genre. We recognize that Apostolic includes faith in Jesus Christ, a Oneness view of the Godhead, baptism in Jesus name, and the experience of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with tongues.

Within the genre we have divergent views on the place of these in Soteriology.

So too we recognize that a view of outward Holiness is common to the genre of Apostolic.

The desire of the board is to allow for the various views that exist within "Apostolic" while maintaining the harmony of the board. This must include HOW you treat other Apostolics with differing views. How you personally view them is not necessary in a discussion of the different views. So the use of pejorative language over and over is not necessary but often clashes with the harmony the board tries to maintain. Trying to be inflammatory is also not conducive to the harmony of the board

And also, while a discussion on doctrine has it's place, using doctrine as a means to grief someone (cause someone grief) over and over, is not conducive to a harmonious board.

What we ask of the board members is that they remember and consider each other. Don't treat them like enemies. Discuss issues. Remember that you are dealing with real people.

Finally, let the Admin team handle the situations. Use the Post reporting tool and let us work. Just because you did not see someone banned instantly does not mean we are not handling it.

The Post reporting tool also is not a means of revenge. It's a means of keeping the harmony of the board. So we may not always just ban someone the first time you feel offended. Rather we may work with that person to get them to tone it down some. We might have to delete or edit a post. We might issue a warning or an infraction. But just because we didn't ban someone does not mean we did not give it attention.

Again the post reporting tool is NOT a means of revenge nor judgment (condemnation).

If a person has history of infractions or being banned then a banning will be more likely, but not always necessary.

We believe, with your help, we can have a diverse group of doctrinal views and from various backgrounds all while maintaining a unity of Spirit, but it depends on you. It does not depend entirely on the Admin team. We ask for your patience and co-operation.
"Ya'll behave now, ya hear!"

The Admin Team
The Mrs

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