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Prayer Closet The place to post prayer requests & testimonies. All new requests will auto-stick in Fellowship Hall for 48 hours.

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Old 05-18-2007, 05:20 AM
Sister Phyllis

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World Wide Prayer Ministry Prayer Digest



*Frances Garner's grandson, Matthew Tanner

This is very urgent!!!
Thanks and God bless---Gwen

Prayer is needed immediately for Matthew Tanner, Frances Lowery Garner's grandson. He is a senior in college in Atlanta and was on some job for one of his courses. He was in a manhole and his oxygen ran out. His heart stopped, but they don't know for how long. He is critical and on life support. Ya'll, I don't think it looks good, but it's not for me to say. Please pray for all his family. He is 22 or 23 years old. Love, Brenda Frances is Judson Garner's wife if some of you know him. Send replys to :

*A diligent prayer warrior, Joan, who has faithfully prayed for the requests sent out
to this Believer's List, now has a prayer need in the family as her sister-in-law, Becky Holder, has been diagnosed with leukemia and not given long to live.

Many in the family circle are unsaved so we can pray for Becky and also that this will be a time of healing of relationships and salvation

*Mary Ann Marcum - very serious heart and kidney problems and needs a miracle from the Lord or she may die Please pray for this dear sister in the Lord for healing for His glory and praise . She is suffering a lot Pray for her husband and family at this time that the Lord will give added strength and they will feel the comfort of the Holy Spirit surrounding them . They do a wondeful work for the Lord and many souls have been getting saved so please pray the will of the Lord be done .in Jesus name

*Pastor Hale , pastor of the Newington Church in Ct is in serious condition in hospital . please pray for a miracle of God for this dear pastor. He has been battling cancer,and now has double pheumonia , also a blood clot and serious infection I believe in his liver etc We know that we serve a God who heals today just as He did when he ministered on earth and we ask for the healing touch of Jesus to touch pastor Hale from the top of his head to the soles of his feet in the wonderful name of Jesus I have been to his chruch and been so blessed by this man of God Please pray for his family as well and the church during this time
Sister Phyllis


* The Coble family lost all three of their children in a car accident on May 4. They were Kyle, 5, Emma, 4, and Katie, 2. I have been heartbroken for them and was just hoping by asking for more prayer, I could help them in some way.

Here is the link to their webpage: http://www.lifetomotion.com/login/coble/index.html

Kyle, Emma & Katie
Mommy & Daddy love you.

Please pray for this family. Their loss is unimaginable.



Updates :

Update on Evangelist Bruce Davis
Dear Friends of Bro. Bruce.
I just caught up with Bro. Bruce for a couple of minutes to try to get an update for you all.They have had him very busy this week with bone scan, 5 vials of blood from both arms and going thru the planning process which is called radiation simulation. They have marked his body where the precise area will receive the beams of radiation.He will have 38 treatments starting Mon-Friday . He is now waiting for the call to set up the time and day he is to start. Therefore he is not on the phone and waiting for their call.He said he is sorry he has not been on the computer...had hoped to get a Mother's day message out but between the pain, swelling, test, doctor appointments etc... he has everything he can do to make his babies(dogs) their supper and crash in his chair.He asked me to thank you all for your continued prayers and love and support and know you have his too.So keep the prayers coming.
God Bless
Cardinal and Lainey

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Num 6:24-26 (KJV)
God Bless You...I'm Praying For You...Bruce


Healing*Luther Dunn
*Pastor Nancie
*Pastor Pat
*Sister Vicky Klein
*Trisha Sparks
*Sandy Howard
*Hayden's son Branden
*Hayden's sister
*Bobby G Richardson
*Delores mother
*Brother Rodney Shultis
*Sister Shultis
*Sister Beeks
*Ernie Corbin
*Sister Alice
*Sister Sharon
*Sister Phyllis


*Sister Vicky
*Aussie Angel

Restoration of Marriages

*Sister Lambie,
*Patrick and Nancy,
*Brian and his wife,
*Tommy and Tasha,
*Dan and Amy,
*David and his wife,
*Darleen and her husband,
*Rachael and her husband,
*Jerry and his wife need restoration of their marriages.
*Sandy has abusive husband need deliverance from that


*Sister Jan

Pastor and Missionaries

*Evangelist Ren Rutledge, world outreach ministry
*Pastor Hale
*Brother and sister Alvear missionaries in Brazil
*Brother Ricky Faulkenberry
*Brother & Sister Cooper
*Brother Sammy , revival in Sweden

*Raquel’s father, who is a pastor, was diagnosed with leukemia.
*Gerald, a pastor, is seriously ill with leukemia.
*Pastor Daniel Solomon,India
*Pastor Charles needs surgery on his heart as soon as he is stabilized.
*Pastor Samuel is praying for a radio broadcast in the Philippines.
*Rev Tommy Peters
*Pastor Amani Placide, Rwanda, Africa
*Pastor Nancie and Pastor Pat

*Evangelist Joey
*Apostle Bill Taylor
*Pastor Johan -South Africa
*Evangelist J Shyam - Kumar ,India
*Pastor David Walukhu & Selina - Kenya
*Brother and Sister Rodgers
*Evangelist Brown and wife
*Johan & Esther Lourens.
*Pastor Paul Ciniraj
*Pastor Carlucci
*Pastor Steve Winter
*Pastor Ishaq F. Khokhar- Karachi-Pakistan
*Pastor Waruna and Sister Chithra-Sri Lanka
*Pastor Kiran - and his ministry in India .
*Brother Robert Henebry inTokyo
*Pastor Alfred Nazir
*Bro and Sis Wilber Price Nigeria .
*Sis Lillian Madiye in Zimbabwe
*Bishop Emmanuel in Inda.
*Bishop Kapaseo in Zamba
*Botto Pelley in Thompson .
*Bishop Donnie Coates
*Pastor Mark and Sister Becky
*Rev Redden and Sister Redden
*Pastor Kingsrey
*Rev Rodney Shultis
*Dr Bruce Klein
*Rev Michael Hubbard
*Sister Phyllis Corbin
*Pastor Joh.W.Matutis
*Pastor April
*Pastor Bill,UK
*Evangelist Bruce Davis
*Bro Joey


World Wide Prayer Ministry Website
http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Worldwideprayerministry
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