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Old 07-14-2020, 06:57 PM
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clothed and in his right mind.

So who gave Legion clothes?

Now before you reflexively write this off as a me being contentious...hear me out.

The man was naked, bleeding trailing broken chains and shackles and from what the Bible says,"Yon demoniac doth verily exceed the firemarshals spirtual occupancy limit." He had a lot going on internally.

Jesus and the disciples was po....real po....real po in the time where beggars would sell their clothes buy food and go naked.

Thats where that scripture in Matthew about "you didnt do this for me when you didnt do it unto the least" comes into play where he mentions nakedness...Paul mentions this with his, "What shall separate us from the love of God?" where he mentions "nakedness" as a very real and present possibility.

When you factor in what Jesus required of His disciples when someone asked them for their coat and the fact Jesus was first because He made himself into the form of a servant and those who want to be first must be last its a very good possibility that Jesus gave His own robe to the naked man....unless you think Legion packed for a sleepover*Oh yay Jesus is here so I finally am gonna wear these clothes people have been trying to force me to wear.*

Those that found the demonic clothed and in his right mind didnt bring clothes...they couldnt even keep him in cuffs much less socks.

Now to provide some context for all this...we were waiting for a repair guy for our washing machine and Im going off on a ramble to Katherine about on societal scapegoats and then suddenly in my mind I see that certain boat bump a certain shore....I can see the interplay in my minds eye that we all know but then I began to make those connections...I broke down weeping because I saw a man suddenly remembering how to be human again going through the simple action of being dressed and in my minds eye I didnt see extra clothes being passed out I saw our Savior taking off his own coat and clothing the man that he just set free.

He wasnt going to hold anyone else to anything He wasnt going to out into example Himself.

Anyways...I just kinda wanted to share that perspective.
Blessed are the merciful for they SHALL obtain mercy.
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