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Old 03-22-2019, 03:36 AM
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Re: Interesting article

Originally Posted by aegsm76 View Post
E - I am not sure that we are not saying the same thing on vaccines?
I believe that the process of vaccination is effective for boosting the immune system to possibly prevent the occurrence of the disease.
I also believe that the process that is used to create the vaccine may, in some cases, produce side effects that can prove worse than the disease.
Is this what you are saying?
Vaccination "boosts" the immune system by provoking a mild immune response to intentionally introduced pathogens. The problem is, this occurs primarily in young children (the subjects of most vaccinations) whose immune systems are still developing. The natural immune system is short-circuited and the result is LACK of genuine immunity to the particular pathogen(s).

A vaccinated person does not develop true immunity, they can be carriers with symptoms from mild to wild, or no symptoms at all. Which means they become transmitters of disease never suspecting anything is happening. On the other hand, non-vaccinated people exposed to naturally occurring pathogens develop genuine immunity. If a non vaccinated person comes down with pertussis, for example, they will have a genuine immunity to pertussis in the future, they cannot even be a carrier, it will die as soon as it enters their body. A vaccinated person, who has been vaccinated for pertussis, however, can still get pertussis. It may be mild, milder than what happens to an unvaccinated person, or it can be just as severe or life threatening. Or, it could be asymptomatic, and they are walking around, unsuspecting, passing pertussis everywhere they go.

And that isn't even considering the dangers of adverse reactions (including death) to the vaccination itself. 25 years ago, the percentage of expected deadly adverse reactions to DPT shots was equal to the expected incidence of contracting diphtheria, pertussis, or tetanus. So the risk was the same between getting the shot or not. Except that if you got the shot you would never be genuinely immune to the diseases, whereas if you didn't, and you got sick, you would be permanently immune.

That was according to the information my son's pediatrician gave me when I wanted medical research on the comparative stats.

Nowadays, as the recent events in Italy demonstrated, the vaccines may not even have any of the purported antigens in them to begin with. So the million dollar question is, "Just what exactly is the real purpose of the so called vaccine?" Obviously, it goes beyond mere vaccination.

In Africa, vaccines were intentionally tainted with ingredients designed to sterilize people. It has been an admitted fact that the US government has conducted large scale mass medical experimentations on people without their knowledge or consent. The Canadian government has as well. As has the UK government. I guarantee you Germany, Russia, and China have also.

Oh, here's a study showing "A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25–29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection" https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/...alCode=uteh20&

The same people who tell us gender is nothing but a psychosocial construct, who tell us God, the Bible, and Christianity is bad, who tell us a Muslim blowing people up or shooting people is "an isolated incident that has no reflection on Muslims in general", but who also tell us that a "white guy" who does similar is a symptom of a deep seated problem within all white people, that race doesn't exist but that at the same time all whites are racist just by being white, that securing our border is evil, that not allowing illegals to vote is evil white racism, that perversion is normal, that objecting to perversion is pathological, and all the other insanities propagating in our Clown World of globohomo nonsense, these same folks tell us it's bad and wrong not to inject our children with gobs and gobs of unknown substances that these same Clown World globohomo people make and distribute for tons of money.

So, to me, the issues are pretty straightforward. As is the rational, reasonable response to the issues, which is to "Just Say NO."
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