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Old Yesterday, 07:13 AM
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Re: A Handmaids Tale

I believe that a vibrant, spiritual, Spirit-filled church will effect the society around it. But not by protests, pushing a political agenda, pushing for legislation, or by launching any form of inquisition against sinners. But rather, the church will impact society by her love, her mere presence, her convictions, her Holy Spirit power, miracles, and witness.

The desire to reform society through revolutionary, military, or legislative force is symptomatic of a church that has lost the reality and power of the Holy Spirit, has grown cold in its love, and has turned to the ways of the world to impost worldly, carnal, reforms in the name of God/Christianity on the masses. Because revolution, war, and politics are all carnal responses to spiritual problems.

This is a spiritual Kingdom that transcends all national boundaries, earthly politics, race, gender, age, social class, or language. It will experience times of great freedom and revival, and times of great persecution, trial, and apostacy as history ebbs and flows on earth. Those who remain grounded in the Holy Spirit will remain steadfast no matter what the church is going through historically at that time. Every single saint of God is a holy ambassador with a direct connection to God through Christ. There isn't any religio-political body through which the saints must function. The Kingdom cannot be overruled by any court, nor can it be restructured by any body politics, because it is a Kingdom that exists within the very spirit of redeemed men and women. We do have a Kingdom Message. That message is a warning to every human kingdom on earth...Christ will return and this spiritual Kingdom will become an earthly Kingdom with every nation, people, kindred, and tongue made subject to the rule of Christ Jesus, the Lord. And that the continued existence of these earthly nations is the result of God's mercy and desire to give them time to repent. And repentance isn't a political agenda. It is actually a turning from sin and the world to walk and serve in the spiritual Kingdom of God. In a nation wherein Spirit filled Christian flourish, all the social ills we see become diminished. There is less crime, fewer abortions, fewer gay marriages, and greater liberty and human love and respect. We change the fabric of a society by changing hearts. And a sincere change of heart is only possible where there is no coercion, therefore the truest expression and advancement of the Kingdom of God is seen most clearly in a free society that values and holds human liberty as sacred in and of itself, though many might choose to sin in said liberty. And this is why it is absolutely essential for the church to support the cause of human liberty for all people.
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Old Yesterday, 07:19 AM
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Re: A Handmaids Tale

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Old Yesterday, 07:25 AM
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Re: A Handmaids Tale

Originally Posted by Amanah View Post
Jesus said he did not come to abolish but fulfill the law

He even added a stricter interpretation of the law

So I cant argue that the OT is not applicable. And many crimes are justly punished by a death sentence, murder, Rape, Incest, and others.
You are right. Christ didn't abolish the law. He fulfilled it for the sake of His church. We who are born again of the water and of the Spirit are not under the Law. We are called to a sinless holiness that transcends anything the Law could ever produce. We are dead to the Law, buried with Christ, hidden in Christ. So, the letter of the Law as most know it doesn't apply to us. Yet it wasn't abolished, it still stands. However, when Christ returns the Law will stand to condemn the sin and wickedness of the unbeliever. The unbeliever will be judged and condemned by the Law, while the believer will be judged according to the Law of Christ.
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